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Planogy enables designers to get feedback from engineers and other stakeholders.

We allow designers to share design assets with their team who can leave comments and explain additional details with simple shapes. We aim to give confidence to designers on their work and shorten the feedback loop.


Intuitive Feedback

Get feedback with simple shapes and arrows in one place and address them as you go.

Team Collaboration

Keep track of your team's work in chronological order and leave a decision note as you move to the next step.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate with the tools you're already familiar and your designs will never fall behind.

How It Works

1. Upload Images

Simply upload any image. You can easily share the link with others.

2. Get Feedback

Your colleagues or clients will leave comments or feedback with shapes and arrows.

3. Keep Iterating

Upload new designs to keep iterating and track of the work.




per user per month

For teams of 5 or less members




per user per month

For teams of 5+ members


Available for businesses with large payments volume or unique business models

Our Team

Bulent Tastan

Co-founder CEO/CTO

Kazuki Nakayashiki

Co-founder & CPO

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We're a small team reinventing the way teams design, share and organize their knowledge.


Mark Munroe

Co-founder & Director of Strategy at Neuron

Elina Lin

Product Designer, Growh at LinkedIn

Erfan Davami

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer at Instagram

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